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The Resource Center is the central hub where you will find the variety of benefits provided to help keep your family and yourself in good health – physically, mentally and financially. Check them out and take the time to understand how each plan works so you’ll never be surprised by unexpected expenses. 

Connect to your benefits on the Resource Center anytime, from anywhere on any device.

KCOI is continuing a Domestic Tier, which allows employees to take advantage of services done at KCOI. By having services done at KCOI and billed under the KCOI Tax ID number, employees will receive credits toward your deductible based on the plan you are enrolled in.

Open Enrollment

October 14 -21

Open Enrollment happens once a year and is the time to evaluate what benefit coverage is right for you in 2023. The time to make changes is open for a limited time and If you miss it, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period to make any changes.



  • KCOI,KCOA and OMS will all have the same medical plan designs, per paycheck deductions and Domestic Tier savings/ discounts
  • NEW KC Ortho Resource Center with all your benefits information, all year long on any device
  • NEW Cancer Care benefit
  • NEW Will Prep benefit with Guardian
  • HealthJoy is now available for everyone
  • Guardian will be the new carrier for Group and Voluntary Life
  • Guardian will be the new carrier for Long Term Disability replacing Mutual of Omaha, Unum and Lincoln
  • Guardian will be the new EAP carrier

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